What is Gaslighting?: A Readers Response



We’ve all been there before, where we are so blinded by something that we don’t realize how much it’s damaging us. A lot of times this happens in relationships, and one form that really messes someones brain up is gaslighting. The blog post I read about this topic is a post from The Psych Talk. This post touched base on the psychological effects of gaslighting and how it really screws around with your mental health.

What i loved the most about this post was the substance of it. You could really tell that The Psych Talk truly cared about the mental well-being of people who have gone through this in relationships. This topic is so important and I’m so glad that someone finally wrote about this topic. The way everything was explained, and the effects that gaslighting has on the victims, it really helps the reader to understand just how bad this impacts someone, especially someone with mental health issues. It’s broken down in two parts and even talks about how someone who is being gaslighted, or was, can detect it. I especially loved the part that explains the examples of gaslighting because people seem to have their own ideas on what gaslighting is, and this article breaks down specific examples of what gaslighting entails. People fail to realize how psychologically damaging this is, and how it affects the person in their every day life and i future relationships. I’ve gone through gaslighting myself and it has damaged me in ways I’d never be able to explain. It is affecting my current relationship, which is a daily struggle. You just stop trusting people ad always question whether or not everything is ok. So reading this article was a breath of fresh air and even helps me to realize that I’m not crazy, or alone.

I loved reading this post from a fellow mental health blogger, it was meaningful and informative. People often forget how much little “harmless” actions can affect someone psychologically ad I feel that this post could help someone who may be the person gaslighting to realize that acting like this really isn’t ok. It can also help a victim going through it as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and am looking forward to seeing the discussion that comes out of it. It’s such an important topic and something that needs to be talked about.


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