Disney Disorder Parody

Parodies have been around every since YouTube first launched in 2004 (or was it 2005? I can’t remember) anyway, there is a parody for everything these days. And no one shies away from going a little too far with them sometimes. But one thing I’ve been noticing, even in the last year alone, is a lot of YouTuber’s in the mental health community have been ding parodies on the topic. Mental health has always been a taboo topic that no one really wanted to talk about, and when they did they were hushed about it, and it was unheard of to even admit to having mental health issues. It was just one of those forbidden topics. But the last few years have given people in the mental health community, me included, a voice and a chance to speak up about mental illness, and the ones that we suffer from. Rap artists and singers are recording songs about it and many comedians have incorporated their mental health issues into their skits. But parodies are  new thing in this community, unless I’m late to the party,  but their new to me, and it’s really a breath of fresh air to see people letting loose and not caring about what society thinks, especially with something you really can’t control when it comes to mental illness.

One YouTuber made a parody about Disney princesses and the mental disorders they would have called Disney Disorders: A Disney Princess Parody, and yes at first it sounds like the person is berating the community because of the title. But it is one of those parodies that is light-hearted and makes you chuckle because this person is kind of spot on. Here’s the video.

For each princess she sings a popular song from that movie. Each princess introduces what her disorder is based on their character traits in their movies. The way t’s written is just letting the viewers know “hey, I’m Ariel and I collect a bunch o junk”, but at he end of the video all of the princess come together in song of course, to let everyone know “hey, we all have issues, embrace it”. it was actually very refreshing to see something like this because it really shows that it’s ok to poke fun at yourself. Mental health doesn’t always need to be serious and this parody proves that.

In this parody Ariel from Little Mermaid is represented as a hoarder, based on what she says in “Part of That World” where she talks about all of the stuff she collects that humans own, most of it being junk she doesn’t need. So she pokes fun at the “gizmos and gadgets” she owns that she should get rid of, which is a problem hoarders have, they can’t get rid of everything because they feel that they will need it at some point. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty says she has Narcolepsy, based on the act that she sleeps through the whole movie (which we all know is due to a sleeping curse, but it’s a parody so yeah). She pokes fun of the fact that she was “never present through the movie” because she slept a lot a classic narcolepsy trait, surprise! Belle says that she has Stockholm Syndrome, and says she has it because of the fact that the beast kept her under his wing and pokes fun at how “bestiality isn’t a bad thing”. Snow white talks about how she loves hanging out with “little people and birds” giving a hint that her brain cold be a bit foggy because she can talk to animals and blah blah blah, and says she has Vitamin D Deficiency. Anna from Frozen says she has ADHD due to her always being hyper like she was in the movie, all over the place and not being able to focus on one specific thing. and last but no least, Cinderella. She sings about her “cleaning addiction” ad says she has cleaning disorder. Poking fun at the fact that her stepmom makes her clean 24/7.

The person who made this parody added a disclaimer at the end letting viewers know that she did not make this video to berate anyone, and even adds a mental health link. But this parody gives you a little glimpse at how you can go about poking fun without offending people.As i watched this I could see the disorders in the princesses, because she ad it spot on with how they act in their movies. It proves the point I’ve been trying to make through some posts, that it’s ok to talk about this topic, or even to joke about it. Just as long as you don’t do it to offend and are having fun in the process. Life is too short, so make any parody your heart desires!


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