Disney Disorder Parody

Parodies have been around every since YouTube first launched in 2004 (or was it 2005? I can’t remember) anyway, there is a parody for everything these days. And no one shies away from going a little too far with them sometimes. But one thing I’ve been noticing, even in the last year alone, is a lot of YouTuber’s in the mental health community have been ding parodies on the topic. Mental health has always been a taboo topic that no one really wanted to talk about, and when they did they were hushed about it, and it was unheard of to even admit to having mental health issues. It was just one of those forbidden topics. But the last few years have given people in the mental health community, me included, a voice and a chance to speak up about mental illness, and the ones that we suffer from. Rap artists and singers are recording songs about it and many comedians have incorporated their mental health issues into their skits. But parodies are  new thing in this community, unless I’m late to the party,  but their new to me, and it’s really a breath of fresh air to see people letting loose and not caring about what society thinks, especially with something you really can’t control when it comes to mental illness.

One YouTuber made a parody about Disney princesses and the mental disorders they would have called Disney Disorders: A Disney Princess Parody, and yes at first it sounds like the person is berating the community because of the title. But it is one of those parodies that is light-hearted and makes you chuckle because this person is kind of spot on. Here’s the video.

For each princess she sings a popular song from that movie. Each princess introduces what her disorder is based on their character traits in their movies. The way t’s written is just letting the viewers know “hey, I’m Ariel and I collect a bunch o junk”, but at he end of the video all of the princess come together in song of course, to let everyone know “hey, we all have issues, embrace it”. it was actually very refreshing to see something like this because it really shows that it’s ok to poke fun at yourself. Mental health doesn’t always need to be serious and this parody proves that.

In this parody Ariel from Little Mermaid is represented as a hoarder, based on what she says in “Part of That World” where she talks about all of the stuff she collects that humans own, most of it being junk she doesn’t need. So she pokes fun at the “gizmos and gadgets” she owns that she should get rid of, which is a problem hoarders have, they can’t get rid of everything because they feel that they will need it at some point. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty says she has Narcolepsy, based on the act that she sleeps through the whole movie (which we all know is due to a sleeping curse, but it’s a parody so yeah). She pokes fun of the fact that she was “never present through the movie” because she slept a lot a classic narcolepsy trait, surprise! Belle says that she has Stockholm Syndrome, and says she has it because of the fact that the beast kept her under his wing and pokes fun at how “bestiality isn’t a bad thing”. Snow white talks about how she loves hanging out with “little people and birds” giving a hint that her brain cold be a bit foggy because she can talk to animals and blah blah blah, and says she has Vitamin D Deficiency. Anna from Frozen says she has ADHD due to her always being hyper like she was in the movie, all over the place and not being able to focus on one specific thing. and last but no least, Cinderella. She sings about her “cleaning addiction” ad says she has cleaning disorder. Poking fun at the fact that her stepmom makes her clean 24/7.

The person who made this parody added a disclaimer at the end letting viewers know that she did not make this video to berate anyone, and even adds a mental health link. But this parody gives you a little glimpse at how you can go about poking fun without offending people.As i watched this I could see the disorders in the princesses, because she ad it spot on with how they act in their movies. It proves the point I’ve been trying to make through some posts, that it’s ok to talk about this topic, or even to joke about it. Just as long as you don’t do it to offend and are having fun in the process. Life is too short, so make any parody your heart desires!


What is Gaslighting?: A Readers Response



We’ve all been there before, where we are so blinded by something that we don’t realize how much it’s damaging us. A lot of times this happens in relationships, and one form that really messes someones brain up is gaslighting. The blog post I read about this topic is a post from The Psych Talk. This post touched base on the psychological effects of gaslighting and how it really screws around with your mental health.

What i loved the most about this post was the substance of it. You could really tell that The Psych Talk truly cared about the mental well-being of people who have gone through this in relationships. This topic is so important and I’m so glad that someone finally wrote about this topic. The way everything was explained, and the effects that gaslighting has on the victims, it really helps the reader to understand just how bad this impacts someone, especially someone with mental health issues. It’s broken down in two parts and even talks about how someone who is being gaslighted, or was, can detect it. I especially loved the part that explains the examples of gaslighting because people seem to have their own ideas on what gaslighting is, and this article breaks down specific examples of what gaslighting entails. People fail to realize how psychologically damaging this is, and how it affects the person in their every day life and i future relationships. I’ve gone through gaslighting myself and it has damaged me in ways I’d never be able to explain. It is affecting my current relationship, which is a daily struggle. You just stop trusting people ad always question whether or not everything is ok. So reading this article was a breath of fresh air and even helps me to realize that I’m not crazy, or alone.

I loved reading this post from a fellow mental health blogger, it was meaningful and informative. People often forget how much little “harmless” actions can affect someone psychologically ad I feel that this post could help someone who may be the person gaslighting to realize that acting like this really isn’t ok. It can also help a victim going through it as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and am looking forward to seeing the discussion that comes out of it. It’s such an important topic and something that needs to be talked about.

It’s Ok To Laugh At Yourself

When it comes to humor, we tend to shy away from many more serious topics. But comedians for years have been breaking those barriers, and some have even shown that you can joke about serious hings in a way that isn’t offensive. One topic that many people, including myself, would have never thought could ever fit into humor is mental health. Many comedians have been using their own experiences with mental health as a way to shed some light on it and make fun of themselves as well. One comedian that did this was Pete Davidson on SNL.



In this particular comedy sketch, he talks about Kevin Love who had posted about his mental health issues. During his whole sketch, Pete tried to shed some light on mental illness as a whole, and did it in a way that is respectful and tasteful. He also has another video on SNL of him talking about how he was recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and did a skit on that as well. Pete Davidson is known for his comedy on SNL, and is also known for his comedy skits regarding mental health. he makes fun of himself while also letting the audience know hat it is still a problem that needs to be taken seriously. But what makes these sketches so funny is the fact that he’s able to take a serious situation and laugh about it which is something many people forget.

Another comedian who touches on this issue of mental illness is John Oliver on his Last Week Tonight show.



In this sketch he talks about how people don’t want to talk about mental illness, and when they do they get it wrong. He first brings up the issue about how every time there’s a school shooting they blame mental illness on it. He also brings up the point that people assume that mental illness consists of “nut jobs” as was shown in the Dr. Phil clip he showed, when in reality most people with mental health issues are not nut jobs and are actually pretty normal. He brings up serious issues and sheds light on them and throws jokes in here and there, making the weight of this topic much lighter. He takes a serious topic and makes it tastefully funny while also spreading awareness which I really liked.

In general, people don’t like to joke about anything that may wind up being offensive, but both of these videos prove that you can spread awareness on serious topics like mental health, and still be funny and make jokes about it. Many people with mental illness, including myself, just want to get through every day in one piece. An to see people actually care, or people with mental illness shedding light on it and are able to make fun of themselves about it makes me feel better. i lets me know that not only am i not alone, but that it’s ok to laugh about it. Pete Davidson even mentions i the video that he likes that he’s able to joke and talk about his mental illness, and doing so helps him cope with it himself and he doesn’t have to hide it anymore. So I say, as long as it’s tasteful, joke away! There’s no harm in laughing at yourself sometimes.

How Photography Has Helped Me With Mental Illness

I’ve learned over the years that photography has become more than just a hobby for me. It became something that has basically saved my life in many ways. Everyone has hobbies, that one thing that they are good at and that they love. everyone with a mental illness finds things that they love, and yes they are hobbies, but in most cases these hobbies help them to cope with their mental health issues. Photography has done this for me in many ways, and has helped me to cope with my anxiety and depression. When i get upset, and if I have time I grab my camera and go outside, and just take photos. Most of my great works come from when my anxiety and depression are at it’s peak believe it or not. But that’s my story, that’s how I cope, and the result from tragedy for me is beauty in my photos.


I got into photography when I was a Sophomore in high school, I loved it so much that when I went to Holyoke Community College it became my major, and got my Associates degree in it when I graduated. I didn’t realize that photography was a deeper thing for me until I went through a self-induced tragedy in my mental health journey that this became my therapy. Shortly after this incident, I felt the urge to just go out and take photos for some reason, and I realized then that this was not just a hobby.


I also take photos that relate to mental health. What I mean by that is when I take a landscape photo, you will see the emotion in it, I will have darker colors if I’m feeling at my worst with my mental health, and more sun on my good days. The photo above is a metaphor I used one day when i took it to describe how my mental illnesses fog my brain up and the light on top and the dark on the bottom represents my ups and downs. The wet leaves represent when I am sad, but also how there is beauty inside you even on your darkest days, because the leaves look beautiful with the beads of water all over them. I didn’t realize I did that at the time of taking this. But that’s the metaphor I can get from this particular photograph.


I took many photography classes at HCC, considering that that was m major, and these classes strangely helped me with my mental illnesses as well. The photo above was taken during class, the woman was one of my classmates. i remember vividly that i was sad that day, I can’t really remember why. But when our class went into the studio my sadness went away almost immediately. When i took my black and white film classes hose were also therapeutic for me, and I realized after I was done taking those classes how much they had actually helped me with my mental illnesses as well. Whenever I was in the dark room I was at my happiest, and oddly enough, the fumes from the chemicals we had to use to develop the photos calmed me down as well. I didn’t realize the significance of it at the time, and it’s astonishing how something as simple as photography can help me so much.


I read some articles about this, and apparently it’s a real thing. People use photography as a way to help them with their mental well-being. they use subject matter that is fitting to their mental health, and it helps them to cope with their problems. In one particular article, a man who was a picture editor for The Times, does workshops and photographic tours to help people with their mental health issues. To know that this is an actual thing makes me feel better and that I’m not alone. This article gave me more insight on the photography community, and how it, in many ways, is a great tool in helping with mental illness, and I’m living proof of that because I do it myself. Here’s a link to the article if you want to read it. photography and mental health


I didn’t realize all these years that I wasn’t just taking photos as a hobby, but that I was doing it to cope with my mental health. I didn’t realize that my subject matter correlated with my mental health, or that some of the photos had hidden metaphors. Reading the articles, and really evaluating my work has helped me to to put the pieces together and understand how important photography actually is to me. It has always been a passion of mine, and to know that my passion is helping me with my well-being has really shaped me in so many ways and makes me who I am today. An being able to share my work with the world, and having them interpret my photos in their way is so humbling. Knowing I’m not alone makes this experience even better.


Fandoms and Mental Health

Fandoms are a fun way to meet other people who share the same interests in different movies, TV shows and music. They are part of a community that makes content, and praises these fan-based content that makes others feel like they are right at home. it’s comforting, it’s entertaining, and in most cases it is life saving. Certain fandoms come together and help one another, And more often than not, they share their deep feeling towards this content, or band. But what really helps fandoms come together is when these bands or artists reach out to these fans.

if you have a twitter account, you see on a daily bases that certain artists respond to tweets that fans send out, and reach out to them when they tell them how much they love them, or when they just want their favorite artists to just encourage them. Most of the time these artists will reach out to you (chances can be slim because hey get 1 million notifications every day, but it does happen). When artists do this it really makes the fans feel important, and makes them feel better if they are depressed. You see this kind of thing more often with underground, or Warped Tour bands, but either way it’s still pretty cool.


Fandoms can be a mix of different emotions, but when you find the right one you just know. One fandom I was a part of for 4 years (if you could even call it a fandom) this fandom was of a band called Crown The Empire. If you’ve never hear of them, they are a rock band, they aren’t huge and mainly played at Warped Tour and of course their own tours. Bu this community was super encouraging and a lot of their fans have mental health problems, their fans help each other out an constantly encourage each other. Crown The Empire’s music can get pretty deep, so a lot of people with anxiety and depression can relate to it. Being a part of this fandom has helped me out a lot, mainly from just reading tweets between fans, and it’s a pretty humbling thing to se in this community.


Very often fans will reach out to an individual band member and tell them persona;;y how their music has saved their lives, and how without them they wouldn’t be here. They almost always reply and make sure that that fan is being heard, and I find that to be an amazing thing. This fandom and band ha helped me as well, and has saved my life in the past. Their music and the way they carry themselves on social media is nothing but encouraging and loving. Basically, without their fans they wouldn’t have come as far as they did, and they constantly make that known. But to be part of a fandom that cares about the well-being of their fans, and fellow fans that care about the well-being of each other is an amazing thing to witness.



I can’t find specific tweets on google from the band, or from fans, but over the summer there was a girl floating around twitter doing sign language to songs from Black Veil Brides, Bullet For My Valentine, A day To Remember, and of course Crown The Empire, along with many other bands. There was one girl who hated what she was doing and constantly bullied her on twitter and asked her to stop signing to Crown The Empires songs because she “sucks” that shes ugly, and that everyone thinks her content is stupid. One of the ab members was getting sick of seeing this girl tear one of their fans down over something shes clearly very good at, and that the band loves to see. This band member basically told her that if she keeps on bullying this girl she might as well not be their fan anymore, he also said “if you have a problem with her, then you have a problem with us”. Seeing him say that really makes me proud to be a fan of this band. To stand up for a fan and tell this bully, in nicer terms, that what she’s doing is awful, and that they don’t want fan like that is amazing. Most bands ignore this drama for different reasons, but Crown The Empire sticks up for their fans completely. It’s something that’s very great to see.

Being part of his fandom, a fandom that is super encouraging and where the band sticks up for their fans and shows gratitude, helping them when they need love is an amazing thing to see. Just reading these tweets back and fourth puts my anxiety at ease. These fandoms save peoples lives and really help them to cope with mental illness in most cases. Fandoms are the foundation to fans lives, a community that is fun and helpful all in one. It’s something that really gets you i this state of mind that fandoms are a good thing, and perhaps life saving as well.

The Story So Far: My Music Therapy



Music does wonders for your mind and well being, just put on a song and your brain drifts off into the music. its relaxing, like reading a good book. You have this sense of calm and ecstasy as your favorite song plays on the radio. Music makes you feel good, it makes you smile (or maybe cry? Who knows) but it sparks emotion nonetheless. And for some there’s always that one band, singer or song that pus you in the mindset you long to be in all the time, and that band for me is The Story So Far.

As someone with mental health issues I’m always trying to find new things to calm me down when I have a depressed episode or a panic attack, The Story So Far is that band for me, every time I listen to them their lyrics calm me down. Their choice of words in each song and their lyrical content is very strong, so strong it leads me to believe that the lead singer, Parker Cannon, might have some mental health issues of his won, which is probably explains why I relate so much with the lyrics he uses. One song off of his second album called The glass, has a simple subject, it was about someone he loved, but the way he explains his pain, and what he went through has a string feeling to it that I find to be very relate-able because what he describes is how i feel most days with my anxiety which gives me this sense of relief. Listen for yourself.


Another song that is very deep for me is Placeholder, off of their first album. In this song, the lead singer brings up some deep emotions that he is feeling, he talks about someone who has hurt him, but I’ve always interpreted this song as a strong feeling of sorrow and feeling as though he can’t really cope with whatever he’s going through, and that’s why this song resonates so deeply with me, some of the lyrics he chooses are so deep and honest;y, this would be the soundtrack to how I feel about my mental health. Listen to the song and you will understand why i say that.


last but not least, the third song that resonates so deeply with me is The Things I Can’t Change, it’s another song off of their second album, and another song that has lyrics I can interpret in a different way to help me make sense if it myself. This is a song that I put on when I am feeling down, stressed, overwhelmed, or just to remind myself that I can’t change my metal illness. Like the song title says, I can’t dwell on the things I can’t change and this song is a reminder of that and why i had to put this on my list. Listen for yourself to see why.


In a nutshell, every single song from The Story So Far has helped me. many times I just put all 4 of their albums on shuffle and just listen to them till the shuffle ends and I’ve heard every song. I chose these three because they have significance to me and these songs have helped me through some of my toughest times in my life. It sounds cliche but this band has saved my life on many occasions due to their strong lyrical content. It gives me an idea that Parker himself could be dealing with some mental health issues, and most of these songs raise questions to me, which is why I feel I relate to his lyrics as much a I do. i can relate with his emotions, and how he interprets everything. This band plays a huge role in my metal health journey, and has helped me in more ways than I could ever explain.

Celebrities and Mental Illness


The last thing you think about when you look at a celebrity is their struggles. On social media they are always posting about the new car they bought, the vacations they go on, and the fun they are having while on tour. But the truth is they are human being just like us and have mental health issues as well. it isn’t hard to believe considering the fact that they are in the spotlight 24/7 and have more pressure to look ad be perfect everyday, that we don’t even begin to understand what goes on behind closed doors.

it is almost guaranteed that most celebrities have mental health issues, and it is no surprise that you wouldn’t know, because most people in general don’t want to expose that part of themselves. They ant to show you all of the good stuff. But unfortunately, when they do that the public, and people in their lives fail to noticed that they are even struggling emotionally till it’s too late. We found this to be true when Robbin Williams committed suicide. On the outside he was this wonderful and funny comedian, everyone loved him and he seemed so happy and was always making us laugh. But on the inside he was battling demons none of us knew about. He had depression and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease prior to his suicide. he was suffering a great deal emotionally, but still managed to keep the spirit he had. But that’s what depression is, you can put on a show on the outside, but could literally be dying on the inside. because of this no one saw it coming. he committed suicide due to his build up depression and most likely having no one to go to. Just one of the many sad cases in Hollywood.


There are other celebrities that have developed mental illness due to tragedies beyond their control. This next person I want to mention is Ariana Grande. She developed PTSD after a bombing took place at one of her shows. it caused her to have a mental breakdown and cancel many of her shows so she could recover. She already had some mental health issues that again, no one knew about. But this particular incident left her with some psychological issues, which would happen to anyone who witnesses a bombing. She has persevered since then, and speaks up about her experience often, she even wrote a song about it on her new album Sweetner called Get Well Soon, which she dedicated to mental illness.


Another more recent tragedy is the suicide of rapper Mac Miller. This one was not shocking to fans who listen to his music, since he wrote a song about it in the past. The fact that he has publicly voiced his depression, people were still shocked by his suicide. it’s just another tragic Hollywood story about someone in the spotlight having mental health issues and committing suicide. This one is really hard to swallow due to the fact that he was not only still young, but was a great rapper and person, celebrities spoke highly of him, he had a great spirit, yo would have never thought he would commit suicide, but like i mentioned earlier, you don’t know because it creeps up on people, especially when they are at their worst.


Selena Gomez is another celebrity to get the short end of the stick with mental health issues. She has voiced that she suffers from mental health issues, and even has Lupus and had to get a kidney transplant. These medical issues has made her mental health issues worse, but she used this as an opportunity to spread awareness by creating the show 13 Reasons Why. She created this show to spread awareness about mental health and suicide, and basically letting people know that it is ok to get help, and to try to fix it before it’s too late. She has been through a lot and wanted to let her fans know through creating this show that you are not alone and that it’s never too late to fix your mental health issues.


All of these celebrities are perfect examples of how people in Hollywood have so much to deal with already, and since a lot of them are in the spotlight more often then they would like to be, they don’t often show these sides of themselves, so a lot of people disregard it. But celebrities are humans too and have mental illnesses. Unfortunately not all of them make it out alive, but it shows you the harsh reality about this illness and to not assume that everyone is fine, because many suffer behind closed doors. And some more publicly than the rest.