Celebrities and Mental Illness


The last thing you think about when you look at a celebrity is their struggles. On social media they are always posting about the new car they bought, the vacations they go on, and the fun they are having while on tour. But the truth is they are human being just like us and have mental health issues as well. it isn’t hard to believe considering the fact that they are in the spotlight 24/7 and have more pressure to look ad be perfect everyday, that we don’t even begin to understand what goes on behind closed doors.

it is almost guaranteed that most celebrities have mental health issues, and it is no surprise that you wouldn’t know, because most people in general don’t want to expose that part of themselves. They ant to show you all of the good stuff. But unfortunately, when they do that the public, and people in their lives fail to noticed that they are even struggling emotionally till it’s too late. We found this to be true when Robbin Williams committed suicide. On the outside he was this wonderful and funny comedian, everyone loved him and he seemed so happy and was always making us laugh. But on the inside he was battling demons none of us knew about. He had depression and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease prior to his suicide. he was suffering a great deal emotionally, but still managed to keep the spirit he had. But that’s what depression is, you can put on a show on the outside, but could literally be dying on the inside. because of this no one saw it coming. he committed suicide due to his build up depression and most likely having no one to go to. Just one of the many sad cases in Hollywood.


There are other celebrities that have developed mental illness due to tragedies beyond their control. This next person I want to mention is Ariana Grande. She developed PTSD after a bombing took place at one of her shows. it caused her to have a mental breakdown and cancel many of her shows so she could recover. She already had some mental health issues that again, no one knew about. But this particular incident left her with some psychological issues, which would happen to anyone who witnesses a bombing. She has persevered since then, and speaks up about her experience often, she even wrote a song about it on her new album Sweetner called Get Well Soon, which she dedicated to mental illness.


Another more recent tragedy is the suicide of rapper Mac Miller. This one was not shocking to fans who listen to his music, since he wrote a song about it in the past. The fact that he has publicly voiced his depression, people were still shocked by his suicide. it’s just another tragic Hollywood story about someone in the spotlight having mental health issues and committing suicide. This one is really hard to swallow due to the fact that he was not only still young, but was a great rapper and person, celebrities spoke highly of him, he had a great spirit, yo would have never thought he would commit suicide, but like i mentioned earlier, you don’t know because it creeps up on people, especially when they are at their worst.


Selena Gomez is another celebrity to get the short end of the stick with mental health issues. She has voiced that she suffers from mental health issues, and even has Lupus and had to get a kidney transplant. These medical issues has made her mental health issues worse, but she used this as an opportunity to spread awareness by creating the show 13 Reasons Why. She created this show to spread awareness about mental health and suicide, and basically letting people know that it is ok to get help, and to try to fix it before it’s too late. She has been through a lot and wanted to let her fans know through creating this show that you are not alone and that it’s never too late to fix your mental health issues.


All of these celebrities are perfect examples of how people in Hollywood have so much to deal with already, and since a lot of them are in the spotlight more often then they would like to be, they don’t often show these sides of themselves, so a lot of people disregard it. But celebrities are humans too and have mental illnesses. Unfortunately not all of them make it out alive, but it shows you the harsh reality about this illness and to not assume that everyone is fine, because many suffer behind closed doors. And some more publicly than the rest.


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