The Story So Far: My Music Therapy



Music does wonders for your mind and well being, just put on a song and your brain drifts off into the music. its relaxing, like reading a good book. You have this sense of calm and ecstasy as your favorite song plays on the radio. Music makes you feel good, it makes you smile (or maybe cry? Who knows) but it sparks emotion nonetheless. And for some there’s always that one band, singer or song that pus you in the mindset you long to be in all the time, and that band for me is The Story So Far.

As someone with mental health issues I’m always trying to find new things to calm me down when I have a depressed episode or a panic attack, The Story So Far is that band for me, every time I listen to them their lyrics calm me down. Their choice of words in each song and their lyrical content is very strong, so strong it leads me to believe that the lead singer, Parker Cannon, might have some mental health issues of his won, which is probably explains why I relate so much with the lyrics he uses. One song off of his second album called The glass, has a simple subject, it was about someone he loved, but the way he explains his pain, and what he went through has a string feeling to it that I find to be very relate-able because what he describes is how i feel most days with my anxiety which gives me this sense of relief. Listen for yourself.


Another song that is very deep for me is Placeholder, off of their first album. In this song, the lead singer brings up some deep emotions that he is feeling, he talks about someone who has hurt him, but I’ve always interpreted this song as a strong feeling of sorrow and feeling as though he can’t really cope with whatever he’s going through, and that’s why this song resonates so deeply with me, some of the lyrics he chooses are so deep and honest;y, this would be the soundtrack to how I feel about my mental health. Listen to the song and you will understand why i say that.


last but not least, the third song that resonates so deeply with me is The Things I Can’t Change, it’s another song off of their second album, and another song that has lyrics I can interpret in a different way to help me make sense if it myself. This is a song that I put on when I am feeling down, stressed, overwhelmed, or just to remind myself that I can’t change my metal illness. Like the song title says, I can’t dwell on the things I can’t change and this song is a reminder of that and why i had to put this on my list. Listen for yourself to see why.


In a nutshell, every single song from The Story So Far has helped me. many times I just put all 4 of their albums on shuffle and just listen to them till the shuffle ends and I’ve heard every song. I chose these three because they have significance to me and these songs have helped me through some of my toughest times in my life. It sounds cliche but this band has saved my life on many occasions due to their strong lyrical content. It gives me an idea that Parker himself could be dealing with some mental health issues, and most of these songs raise questions to me, which is why I feel I relate to his lyrics as much a I do. i can relate with his emotions, and how he interprets everything. This band plays a huge role in my metal health journey, and has helped me in more ways than I could ever explain.


One thought on “The Story So Far: My Music Therapy

  1. Great post Cece! I agree with you on how music therapy can really help someone who has mental health issues. I use music therapy on a regular basis to help me deal with anxiety/depression. I really enjoyed listening to every song and you really got me into the band even more!


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