It’s A Mental Health Thing

Hello, my name is Cecelia Manning. Welcome to my blog. Mental health has become the topic of interest the past few years. What used to be “taboo” and something that was never talked about, is now shining it’s light. More and more people are opening up, sharing their stories, and just giving mental health the recognition that it truly needs. people all over the world are showing support for mental health sufferers, making it a bit easier to open up. Times are changing, and people are starting to open their eyes to the world of mental illness.

I want to focus the attention on mental health as a whole. I want to spread awareness for how truly gut-wrenching it can be, but in a way that is tasteful and eye opening. I want to empower fellow mental health sufferers, I want to inspire people, I want to show that being a little crazy in the head is ok. I want people to read my posts and embrace their mental illnesses. I want people to know that carrying these weights should not be a burden, and that since this will never leave your body completely, how to just breath, how to be proud of who you are because everyone deserves happiness.

This publication will not be a woe is me page, I will not post ‘depressing” stuff, even though the topic itself is a tough pill to swallow. I don’t wan to be like every other mental health blog that posts statistics and blah blah blah. I want it to be different from the rest, and it will be different.

the simple fact that I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and am so passionate about awareness of how serious both can be, and based on my experiences with these mental illnesses is makes this topic so important to me. I don’t want to get too personal here, but I kind of have to right now. I’ve gone through some traumatic experiences with my mental health issues, some including self-harm and suicidal thoughts, and one minor (but still serious) attempt at it. I get random panic attacks, sometimes not triggered by anything. I constantly have heart palpitations because of my anxiety. My depression has it’s ways of creeping up. My experiences with my mental health issues is the main reason why I chose this topic. It is so important to be aware of this, and to educate people on this issue. I do a lot of self care to maintain these mental health issues, and I feel obligated to share these with everyone. Life is not easy for me by any means dealing with anxiety and depression, but if I can change someone else’s life through my posts then I know I’m doing something right. I’m so passionate about this topic and changing the world through my blog, and to help people understand mental health more. I want to help others that suffer too and let them know they aren’t alone and shouldn’t be ashamed.

What inspires me the most about my topic is that so many people suffer from mental illness, and I know that I will reach someone through my posts. This community already has so much support which is astonishing, and the possibility of me being part of that is what inspires me.

The types of readers I would like to connect with are other people that have mental health issues, people who would like to know more about this topic, and anyone who feels compelled to follow my journey with this topic. I would also like to draw anyone in that wants to be part of the discussion, which is so important. Just being involved and open to the discussion.

I hope when people read my posts that they get a sense of discovery, in themselves and in possibly a new topic. I hope after they read them they feel the passion in my writing, and feel better about themselves as well if they suffer the same issues I’m covering.

over the course of my blog, I wish to inspire everyone that reads my publication. As I stated before, I am very passionate about this topic and have a lot to share. This topic is so important, and everyone should be informed about it, because mental health can be debilitating and dangerous in some cases. So I hope throughout the course of by blog posts that I inspire people and help chance their lives in the process. I’m up for the challenge.